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Network Security ?

Are you worried about Data Loss? Are you looking to have a Strong Network? Well, there are many businesses looking for the best Network Security Support. Cyber Security is one of the crucial approaches that every IT Professional needs to focus on. This reduces cyber crimes and disruption, allowing your Business to stay ahead of your Competitors.

BlueMoon Technologies uses one of the leading Network Solutions that spotlight Cyber resilience and brings forward opportunities to safeguard your business in the most ethical & secure manner.

Security Solutions

Network Security is a method to protect Data and a Network’s veracity and usability. It is bounded by software and hardware related services that protects your system and all Data from various Online and Offline threats. There are various types of Security layers in a Network that protects the system from Malware, Ransomware, Viruses and Online Threats.

The Most Common Security & Support types offered by ‘BlueMoon Technologies’ are:

  • Identifying Service Engine
  • Total Antivirus and Malware Protection
  • Full Application Security
  • Detection of abnormal Network behavior
  • Prevention of Data Loss
  • Email Security Solutions
  • Network Security Firewall Solutions
  • Intrusion Prevention Services
  • Mobile Device Security
  • VPN and Endpoint Security Solutions
  • Cloud Security Solutions

VPN Security

Benefits of a VPN

What is a VPN, exactly? Basically, its a Network System that exists outside of the Internet, which uses extra Security and encryption measures to protect your Data and even your Identity as you surf the web. VPNs are more necessary than ever before.

  1. Protected File Sharing

With a VPN at your disposal, you and others can share files over extended periods of time without having to worry about Data being stolen or exposed

       2. Remote Access

Because a VPN is an actual Network, you can access it remotely. This makes it a great resource for Company’s, in particular, allowing Employees to work from outside the Office. No matter where you are, your Data and Information stay protected as long as you are using the VPN.

      3. Anonymity

Anonymity is either one of the Internets greatest tenants or one of its greatest problems, depending on who you ask. However, the fact remains that when your identity is exposed, and someone or something, can come along to exploit you and your Data. Furthermore, there are certain online activities that we simply don’t want to be tracked back to us.

       4. Bypass Blockers and Filters

In some places around the World, the Internet Censorship is a real thing and it can mean that someone is more or less controlling the user’s World view. That’s why more and more people will be using VPNs, which can bypass blocked Websites and Internet filters. Put the power back in your hands.

        5. Improved Performance

As if  Online Security weren’t enough, a solid VPN can also improve upon things like bandwidth and efficiency. Better performance is something no Internet user would ever argue about.

       6. Enhanced Security

The ultimate reason to use a VPN is also the most obvious: Greater Online Security. Remember, you can use the encrypted Network remotely and that means you’re keeping things like your IP Address, Location, Passwords, and Data safe from potential hackers or big Tech Companies or whoever else might be trying to exploit you. Not even the ISP ( Internet Service Provider) will see what you’re up to, all they’ll get are encrypted statistics from the VPN server.


In Summary, VPNs provide you with better overall Security, Improved Performance, Remote Access and Anonymity.

VPNs bolster your Device’s Security and Control. A VPN will ensure your Data is Secure, Information is remotely accessible, personal Data remains anonymous and that you have access to file sharing between groups.

While a VPN isn’t a necessity for using the web, it can be an incredibly important tool in freely roaming the Internet. While Antivirus Software will protect your devices, a VPN will shield your personal information from third-parties and hackers while on the WiFi, ISPs and Local Networks.